Against Death Couture

The first wearable organ donor card.

Germany is one of the OECD countries with the fewest organ donations per capita worldwide. Meanwhile, in Germany, over 9000 people are waiting for an organ. Three of them die every day. The NGO "Gegen den Tod auf der Organwarteliste” wants to draw attention to this problem and make more people potential organ donors.

But becoming a donor is not that easy in Germany. It requires an active consent to donate organs with a signature on an organ donor card, which must be carried. However, it is not specified what form the card must take. Our solution: The first wearable organ donor card.


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The fashion collection that can save lives.

With the first organ donor card to wear, we make it as easy for people to become organ donors and to draw attention to the issue as it is to wear a piece of clothing. Together with 8 designers, we created a fashion collection where each piece is printed with the declaration of intent and once signed, becomes an official organ donor card.

The collection was photographed on models, including influencers such as KindaKiri, Anika Teller or Fitdad_Hendrik, who was waiting for a donor organ himself at the time. Together with the Peter Schmidt Group, this shooting resulted in a lookbook and images for the press cooperation with the various publishing partners.



Power kickoff with great reach.

The campaign was launched by sending out a special desk drop to the various partners. Each received an original organ transport box with pieces from the collection and the lookbook for a unique unboxing.

The campaign was addressed by various media partners on Organ Donation Day, generating even more reach in print and TV. At the same time, more than 50 influencers, including Eckart von Hirschhausen and Maximilian Mundt, supported the topic organically on their social media channels.
The "Against Death Couture" Instagram channel led directly to the specially set up microsite with a web shop, where more information about organ donation and the participating designers was given. Within a few weeks, the entire collection was sold out and over 21.000 potential lives were saved.

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