You’re hungry, ambitious, driven by the desire to make great work and get exited by working across very different categories and pieces of business. You have built and honed your digital strategy skills in the past couple of years and are always looking for the next problem to sink your teeth into. You have a solid mental library of CX tools and ways of thinking that you apply and evolve with ease. You believe CX is the key to connecting business objectives, strategy, creative, design and development. You love obsessing over the humans we want to serve, data and the digital design process. You always have the bigger picture in mind and have a view on how every task and projects fits on the overall experience and channel ecosystem.


• Grab a coffee and work through a client brief for a new website by looking at it from the consumer journey point of view and what the website SHOULD be doing.

• After chatting to a brand strategist who has taken you through some brand decks and explained the brand activation platform you spend some time crafting the base of an email strategy. You know that you`ve cracked it when you`re able to boil it down to a super-simple model everyone else in the agency will intuitively get.

• Finalize some super specific task briefs on the latest round of website amends, defining exactly who (dev / data / design) needs to perform which task and getting nods all around.

• Spend some time with a comms planner and help map out a campaign ecosystem, you have some great ideas on how to integrate social in a more meaningful way.

• Sit together with the data team to discuss learnings from the latest monthly report for a client website. Take those learnings and start drafting some actionable insights and recommendations.

• Get a new brief for an upcoming journey mapping project for a new treatment for cat migrane. Realize you know nothing about cats or migrane and start googling your head off and be amazed how quick the day flew by.

• Over the course of the next couple of days, you become the foremost cat migrane expert on the office, craft a research plan for the interviews, surveys and data analysis needed to kick start the journey mapping process.


• You have a solid foundation of CX skills and can confidently lead CX projects.

• You know your way around UX strategy and enjoy working with UX designers.

• You can lead in defining the purpose and strategy for a website.

• You can map out a comms framework or a channel plan that guides others in bringing great ideas to life.

• Building logical ecosystems that get all the pieces to work together gets your heart racing.

• You can lead customer journey mapping projects while coordinating junior planners, data specialists and brand strategists.

• You’ve know the process of building a website and maybe even dipped your toes into digital production.

• You’re not afraid to leap into an eCRM project and know how to get others excited about it.

• You understand the intricacies of primary research and have a passion for understanding human behaviour.

• You can hold your own in a discussion about digital research, A/B testing, data analytics and can consult a client on these questions.

• You are forensic in finding white-spots and opportunities when analysing data reports.

• You can give the technology team guidance and direction. You talk their language or at least feel comfortable enough to raise your hand when you hear a term you are not familiar with.

• You can translate the needs of the technology team to creatives and other strategists.

• You get a kick out of working closely with other disciplines like digital production, tech, data, media, brand planning and creative.

• You can write briefs that are precise, provocative and built to deliver measurable results. They get creatives hungry for more and media planners to sigh with relief.

• You have contagious enthusiasm for even the smaller task briefs, you understand the role they play in the overall brand experience and champion them.

• Your presentation skills inspire and convince even the greyest of suits.

• You empathise with clients, walk in their shoes and grasp what is keeping them up at night.

• You have a knack for turning complex problems into something simple and logical.

• You’re ready to learn and get out of your comfort zone.

Other things that would make you excel in this role

• A truly odd hobby

• Experience in automotive or heavily restricted categories (e.g. pharma, alcohol, tobacco)

• A decent understanding of brand strategy and media

• 3-5 years of agency, consulting or digital experience.


• Required: English


Please send your detailed application documents along with your salary requirements and your earliest possible starting date to: [email protected].